Safe Computing

Becoming Cyber-Mindful

Members of the Chaminade Ohana,

We know there are risks online to both to our personal information and our shared Chaminade resources. Cyber criminals are working hard to:

  • capture your username and password to access systems
  • send forged email from your computer
  • steal personal and institutional information
  • use your computer to stage attacks

Chaminade takes technical precautions to defend our network and systems. But because social engineering targets human behavior, the most important protection is you.

There are many simple but important ways you can deter cybercrime and improve the safety of personal and shared information. IT&S is launching a “Semester of Safe Computing” initiative to increase awareness and provide training about steps you can take.

During Fall 2017, IT&S will teach you about online threats and share ways to protect personal and Chaminade resources. Watch for a “Safe Computing” email the middle of each month to find tips to protect yourself and best practices for protecting your devices, data and privacy.

I encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities and resources to become cyber-mindful. We would love to see you trying out a new “best practice” or tip.

Join the movement to keep yourself and Chaminade safe from cybercrime.

Kyle Johnson, Dean for Information Technology & Services